I grew up admiring my grandfather's work, he was a craftsman and had so much patience to create the most complicated veneer wood art pieces I have ever seen. I learned the little secrets and tricks of using this material from him and seeing him work and until today I use the materials, tools and techniques he has passed to me.


At 2016 I went to live and volunteer in Ghana for a few months. During my stay there I discovered my passion for woodcarving and started learning from local artists I met. I continued my adventures in Africa for almost a year, visiting 9 other countries, learning wood carving and traditional art techniques each place I stayed at.  


Ebony is the combination of my grandfather's techniques and materials with the inspiration from shapes, colors and textures I got while traveling and living in Africa.  I get inspired by people, ethnicities and cultures and add my twist to every piece of work I make.

I feel as if it is my responsibility as a designers to use sustainable materials and  to make sustainable fashion a norm.

I love using recycled and natural materials and to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry to make sure all my costumers, just like the jewelry itself, are unique.


  Thank you for being a part of my journey​​​​​​,